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Dark money: a chart based on work by George Monbiot and others, showing how different ‘think tanks’ can influence US and UK politics.


Organisation/’Think Tank’:                        Theresa May                               American Legislative à à à à            U.S. Government

Institute of Economic Affairs                           *Liam Fox (Sec. for                   Council – ALEC  

- founded by Antony Fisher                           International Trade)                - proposes legislation.

(broiler chickens millionaire)                           - also founded:

                                                                        The Atlantic Bridge                    Atlantic Bridge Project                     Heritage Foundation

                                                                        - for ties with U.S.                                                                             



*Liam Fox (Defense Sec.)        Catherine Bray (also                        ‘Trump Team’

Matt Ridley (Viscount)                                   Margaret Thatcher                        worked for Roger Helmer,             also Luke Coffey

Roger Scruton (pro smoking)                          George Osborne                           UKIP, and anti-EU MEP                 (former advisor

Stephen Littlechild                                         William Hague                             Danniel Hannan)                                 to *Liam Fox)

Graydon Farrer                                               Adam Werrity                              Jim de Mint (& president,              - aims to cut federal

Sushil Mohan                                                     (see Liam Fox!)                                Heritage Foundation)                 spending

Graydon Farrer                                               U.S. Senators

                                                                        Gabrielle Bertin (&

                                                                           worked for D.Cameron,

   now Baroness)

Funded by:

British Allied Tobacco                                    Pfizer (& funded Gabrielle        Michael Hintze of:              

Japanese tobacco (à Scruton)                          Bertin)                                       Goldmann Sachs &                        

Monsanto (à Farrer)                                                                                          CQS Hedge Fund

Tea and Coffee industry (à Mohan)                                                                 (& funds Conservative Party)

- libertarian (anti-state, for smoking)              Pfizer:& on board of                 Exxon

  opposes organic farming, and                          ALEC.                                   Tobacco industry

  reform of agriculture (e.g.                             Coal and oil industries              Koch Brothers - founders of:

  free range chicken)                                                                                       

                                                                        UKIP   (Roger Helmer)                       Tea Party                                    Global Warming

                                                                                                                                                                                        Policy Foundation:

[*]      Nigel Lawson