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“IMAGINING OTHER…” a personal view:

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All my notes are written from a socialist, environmentalist and antimilitarist perspective.


I believe that we need to create another - and better – world, one characterised by equality, sympathy (compassion), and non-violence.


But we can only begin to do this if we use our imagination:

- first, to feel with others who are suffering under the present system,

- and second, to think how things could be other than how they are now.


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(1) What is meant by ‘Imagining Other’?

          Part 1: What is Imagining Other?

          Part 2: New Ways of Seeing.

          Alternatives. (Includes links to other notes - ‘building the new society in the shell of the old...’)

          Notes on William Blake


 (2) Articles on libertarian socialism, Cornelius Castoriadis:


          NEW: Comments on Paul Mason and 'postcapitalism'.


                   Recommencing Revolution (Castoriadis)

                   Teaching Castoriadis at UEL (‘Capitalism, Bureaucracy, Democracy’)

                   (*) Review of: When Poetry Ruled the Streets (on May '68 in France)

                   (*) Reprint of the Solidarity Account of the May Days, France 1968        

            Review of: The Resources of Critique, by A. Callinicos. 


          There is now a good wikipedia entry on Castoriadis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornelius_Castoriadis.



(3) Autobiographical and personal:


          Biographical background to the author of these pages

                   UEL Course Outlines - summary of courses taught by the author at the University of East London (UEL), 1966 – 2005.

                   Poetry I Like - some of my favourite poems.

                   'Reflecting on Nature' - programme notes for a song recital.